Free Pagan Black Metal Download

I am giving away all the Askrinn music! Grab your copy!

Why I am doing this ?
Simply said, I do not believe in selling music digitally. Especially not mp3.

I enjoy much more sharing it with you as a free download. I am doing music for fun not for business.

What You Get : a free download of the Askrinn debut single

Apostille birth certificate, in all 50 U.S. States and the District of Columbia.

Bonus !
Askrinn's debut single, Fé Vældr Frænda Róge, is also included in this package!

Do You Like CDs ?
The new Askrinn album is also available as a 60-copies limited CD edition for people who prefer physical releases. Don't wait and grab your limited CD !

Oh, and if you enjoy those sounds, you can also share them with your friends, it will be awesome !