About the Band

Askrinn, which means The Ash Tree in Old Norse, is a Pagan Black Metal band in the vein of Arckanum, evoking ancient Runic Esotericism and forgotten Nordic Lore.

Medieval Scandinavian texts and beliefs are merged with powerful black metal riffs mixing both old-school influences and a more modern melodic approach.

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A first introductory single was released in 2013. Afterwards, Askrinn focused its efforts on composing a full-length album, released in Fall 2014, Hjørleifsljóð, based on an authentic medieval saga.

Haukr joined the band in May 2015 as a full-time drummer, in order to diversify the influences contained in the music created. Askrinn has now started working on a new full-length album.

Thousand thanks to Christophe Szpajdel for the marvellous Askrinn logo.