2015's Best Black Metal Albums

12/DEC/2015 - Black Metal Scene

In the first few months of 2015, I was a little bit worried. I had been buying quite a lot of nice albums at the end of the previous year, from awesome bands such as Winterfylleth or 1349, but suddenly the underground scene was slowing down and I almost stopped adding CDs to my collection.

Then, gradually, new killer Black Metal albums were released and I quickly changed my mind about how good the year 2015 would be.

Today, as we are now almost halfway through the month of December, it is time to relax and look back a little bit. So, I decided to make, once again, a "best-of" list. True, it is always a difficult and subjective task. However, I really wanted to share with you these quality releases, in case you had missed or forgotten about some of them.

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10 Medieval Black Metal Albums You Should Know

13/NOV/2015 - Black Metal Scene

Black Metal is a genre for which concept is often as important as music.

If Satanism and misanthropy have probably been some of the first subjects it dealt with, there is a growing trend of pagan Black Metal bands whose lyrics or appearance refer to local folklore and legends. Amongst those, some have decided to focus on the Middle-Ages period, either creating a mystic world filled with castles and knights, or trying to conjure a historically-correct picture based on authentic medieval texts.

Being very sensitive to these themes (which may not be surprising if you already know the music I'm doing with Askrinn), I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite Medieval Black Metal albums.

For this purpose, since I didn't want to build a close-minded list that would only reflect my personal tastes, I asked Cervantes and Aldébaran of the rising French Medieval Black Metal band Darkenhöld to join me in writing this article.

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Askrinn Starts Working on a New Full-Length Album!

20/SEP/2015 - News

Over the last months, we have been discussing a lot about what we would do next (since we finalized our Bathory cover track - release date TBA), and what would be our artistic approach of the following Askrinn album.

The mediaeval Scandinavian litterature is incredibly rich, so we had a lot of possible themes and topics to be discussed. But among that ocean of possibilities, we had to choose a direction and keep sailing in a way that would be meaningful for the Askrinn entity.

Развратные проститутки Геленджик съем индивидуалки. Индивидуалки Новороссийск Адлера шлюхи Сочи

Today, we have taken the final decision regarding the subject of our next opus. Here are some pieces of information.

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10 Black Metal Tremolo Picking Exercises for Beginners

07/JUL/2015 - Resources for Musicians

The black metal universe is full of interesting guitar riffs - some being more aggressive, some being more melodic. Behind them, one of the key techniques necessary to play stuffs from that genre is called tremolo picking. It requires precision and dedication.


But it often seems a bit difficult to find some good exercises for training, right?

To help you getting started and improving your tremolo picking guitar technique, I have gathered ten riffs and sorted them by difficulty.

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Hjørleifsljóð Debut Album Sold Out !

21/JUN/2015 - News

It went faster than I had initially expected. I just did my last sale, and the packet is sitting on my desk ready to be shipped to the Australian fan who ordered it.

Today, almost exactly seven months after the release of Hjørleifsljóð, we are proud to announce that our debut full-length album is now SOLD OUT !

Here are some thoughts about this event.

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