Askrinn Is Not a One-Man Band Anymore : Introducing a New Drummer !

01/MAY/2015 - News

Over the last weeks or months, I have been referring several times to other musicians joining me, be it on this blog or in my newsletters - but always in a quite elusive manner as I did not want to claim things before they actually happen.

However, today is a major day for the Askrinn project as I have decided to stop working solo and integrate a real drummer in the band.

Here is who it is, and why I decided to change the line-up.

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Finally Republished : An Interview I Did for SEER back in October

18/APR/2015 - News

A month or so before releasing my latest album Hjørleifsljóð, back in 2014, I had been interviewed by the webzine SEER Promotions, which was sharing very inspiring artistic creations and was also asking some pretty interesting questions.

Unfortunately, this website is now defunct as Kat, its owner, decided to focus on other things. With her agreement, I am reproducing here the content of this interview, which I think is giving quite a lot of in-depth information about Askrinn as well as about the various motivations behind my music.

Just take a minute to see if you already knew all of this about Askrinn…

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"From Runes to Ruins" Documentary - A review

14/MAR/2015 - Paganism

I have to say I am not a big fan of documentary films. The ones broadcasted on TV often seem quite hollow to me : beautiful pictures but the scientific or historical content is usually pretty poor, which means that after watching them you cannot say much more on the subject than two hours before. Don't you ever feel like that ?

Luckily, some of them happen to be incredibly good and honest, and From Runes to Ruins happens to fall into this category, making it some kind of a rarity. Indeed, it is probably one of the best documentaries I have seen so far regarding what I would call historical paganism, or in other words the evolution of the heathen lore over the centuries.

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A New Acoustic Instrument for Askrinn

06/MAR/2015 - News

Back when I recorded my debut album, I was using an acoustic guitar I had borrowed from a friend (thank you Ochy!). Where I was, the instruments I had seen in the shops were not really exciting, and the perspective to bring it back to my country during my return trip was not thrilling either.

That borrowed guitar quickly became a major composition tool for me, as it allowed me to focus more on the melodies I was writing instead of being distracted by the distortion sound. It was also essential in several of the songs, as I really enjoy acoustic intros or breaks.

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Askrinn to Cover Bathory in an Upcoming Tribute Compilation

03/MAR/2015 - News

Bathory has since the beginning been one of the various influences of Askrinn's music. Quorthon's music definitely has an earthly and sincere vibe that I can only but respect and relate to.

Therefore, when Marc Hoyland (Heathen Deity, Ethereal Forest) contacted me back in December to propose me to participate to a Bathory tribute compilation, I immediately accepted.

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