A New Acoustic Instrument for Askrinn

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Back when I recorded my debut album, I was using an acoustic guitar I had borrowed from a friend (thank you Ochy!). Where I was, the instruments I had seen in the shops were not really exciting, and the perspective to bring it back to my country during my return trip was not thrilling either.

That borrowed guitar quickly became a major composition tool for me, as it allowed me to focus more on the melodies I was writing instead of being distracted by the distortion sound. It was also essential in several of the songs, as I really enjoy acoustic intros or breaks.

Therefore, as I came back to my country two weeks ago (hence the limited amount of news these last two months), I decided to solve the lack of this instrument and get a new guitar for Askrinn.

I went to some shop, and tried quite a few instruments. Out of all of them, the Lâg T77 (Dreadnought Cut-away) quickly appeared to be my favorite. Because of the mahogany body, it really has a rich, warm and powerful sound which will be perfect for the black metal tracks I plan to be recording with it. Many of the other guitars had a very clear but overly bright sound : although they were also great it was not what I was looking for.

So here is the newcomer in picture - Do you like it ?

Lâg Acoustic Guitar T77 DCE

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