Recording vocals for Hjorleifsljod (with a picture)

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Hey guys,

The recording is definitely getting closer to completion. I put the acoustic guitar aside for a few days (still need to quick video about it), in order to let the new strings get accustomed to the instrument.

So I went on with the vocals recording. I had been doing several sound tests before but I only recently found a decent pop filter (that round thing in front of the mic) in my city, which was lacking in the set up I have here.

Tonight I was able to record the first two tracks of the album. I will try to find time tomorrow to record the two other main ones, then I will move on to recording my black metal screams for the Bornholm cover I am doing and to the spoken words for the intro/outro.

Stay tuned for more info very soon, the recording pace has been getting faster every week and the album is definitely going to be full of this energy !

All the best,


Vocals recording for the upcoming album

Vocals recording for the new album


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