Did you get your free metal download ?

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Did you get your exclusive download ?


Have you noticed this ?

A few days ago, I carried out some updates on the Askrinn website in order to ease a bit your navigation.

As you may know, the debut single, Fé Vældr Frænda Róge, had been already available through bandcamp since its release. However, I decided to provide it to you directly through my website.

So it's all very easy if you want to get some free pagan black metal download. All you have to do is reach the Black Metal Download page, follow the quick steps and in a bunch of seconds you will access your exclusive music !

Note that this page will be also updated along the months when new music is released for free. In particular, I am thinking of my new album (did you see the videos of the acoustic guitars recording or for the harsh vocals recording ?).

Because, yeah, it will also be available for free (and also on CD for all of you who are like me collecting music on physical formats, don't worry !).

Therefore, have a nice download of the debut single in case you don't have it yet, and if you have it please just take a few seconds to share it with your closest friends or on your Facebook/Twitter page, it will help a lot.

All the best,


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