60 of them arrived last week!

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The pressing factory was very efficient and professional, and I ended up receiving the CDs of the new album barely one week after I had submitted them the artwork and audio tracks. And it is definitely looking great!

So here are some details about what is going to happen now - and how long you should still wait before listening to the Askrinn pagan black metal sounds.

First, let me share with you how excited I was feeling to finally receive this first edition of Hjørleifsljóð. Somehow I was expecting to wait a little bit more, so seeing everything going so fast and so smoothly was really enjoyable.

In short, I have ordered 60 copies of the CD in jewel case packaging, with professionally-printed booklet. The disc itself also follows the same design trend. Just look at the pictures and tell me in a comment if you like it :

The new album just after I received it

Now what ?! Are you gonna ship the CD soon ?

Yes and no. I still have many important things to finalize before releasing the album.

In early October, you will be able to watch a video trailer in which I will reveal the release date I will have chosen. Simultaneously, the preorders will open, allowing you to secure your copy of this pagan black metal work.

Eventually, the album will be out in November. As I mentioned on various occasions in the past, you will be able to purchase it from the Askrinn website, but also to download it for free : my goal is clearly to share my music with everyone, that's why I do not want to prevent people from listening to the Askrinn sounds if they cannot support me by buying a disc.

Stay tuned on the blog and simply subscribe to my mailinglist to make sure you don't miss the release !

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