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As a first post for 2015, and while I have been working hard on an adaptation/cover of a track composed by a famous metal one-man band (you have already heard about it if you have subscribed to my newsletter, actually), I decided it was time to bring the Askrinn fans (you!) more to the fore.

Indeed, as the first CD edition of my new album is almost sold out in only three months, I thought it was more than time to put you a little bit "in the light". So here is what I did.

I have create a "Fans" page, which you can now see in the menu at the top of this page. In there, I will compile all the pictures sent to me by the fans. Of course, for now I assume most of you will show off your CD - but if you have any idea to showcase your mp3s in a nice picture with you also here, I guess it would be great !

In the future, I will probably be making some Askrinn t-shirts - so I hope we will be able to bring in even more diversity in the images.

So if you want to be on that page too, simply send me your picture with your Askrinn CD or item to my email address and I will add it :


Looking forward to receiving your emails,


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