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Dear all,

I haven't been blogging a lot recently as my attention is focused on creating new music material for the new EP album. And so far it sounds already really promising !

Yet I thought I would start revealing some parts of the concept.

The album will be named "Hjørleifs Ljóð", which means "Hjørleif's song" in Old Norse. It will be composed of 4 songs, consisting in adaptations of four chapters of a legendary Icelandic saga written during the 14th century :

1. Bjarmalandsför Hjörleifs konungs (King Hjorleif’s Bjarmaland Expedition)
2. Hjörleifr mægðist við Hreiðar konung (Hjorleif Married Hreidar’s Daughter)
3. Frá spám marmennils (Prophecies of the Merman)
4. Frá konungum, Hjörleifi ok Hreiðari (Of kings Hjorleif and Hreidar)

I would like to insist on the fact that the lyrics will be directly derived from the Saga's text. As you can already guess from the song titles, I am going to evoke themes like marriage which are far from the usual yet irrelevant idea we have about the Vikings.

I am sure that it's going to be really interesting to bring you with me in this both musical and cultural journey in the half-mystical story of Hjorleif !

Stay tuned for more fresh news and please join my mailinglist.

Picture from Iceland by helgabj

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