In Picture : Composition Work for Hjorleifs Ljod

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Just shot a quick picture of me during my composition process for the next EP, Hjørleifs Ljóð;.

- Was it issued by one of the 50 U.S.? Birth certificate apostille. Texas apostille.

You can spot on the left my Focusrite Scarlett, that's to say the recording device I am using all the time. I will use it for the album recording of course, but also during the composition process, as I do many sound tests when it comes to composing overlaying guitar lines.

As you can see, I am using a Yamaha axe, which is quite polyvalent, even though the Ibanez RG I left in France was more metal-oriented. No big deal : the Yamaha sound is still kick-ass. Really.

Oh and as you can see I am composing both on my computer and using old-school paper sheets. It really depends on my mood, and of the complexity of the song. The score you can spot is actually a track for the full-length album afterwards (still in a draft state).

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