This is the end!

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This is the end.

After months of work, I am now almost ready to record the new Askrinn album. How excited I am about this !

What I have done during the last months and last weeks :

- Composition of the four tracks (the intro and outro that I planned will be created during improvisation sessions)
- Preparation of the drums track
- Rehearsal in my studio for the guitar parts
- Vocal Rehearsals for the Bornholm cover to be included in the album

What I am going to do this weekend :

- Some additional rehearsals
- Starting the recording of the intro/outro tracks
- Readying-up my guitar (the strings suffered a lot during the previous rehearsals)
- Readying up the studio

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Hopefully I can start recording next week the first black metal sounds.

It is also the end of an idea.

For those following me from the beginning, you probably remember that the upcoming album, Hjørleifs Ljóð, was supposed to be an introductory EP for another full-length CD. However, it has now evolved to a self-supporting album so I took the decision to give up the initial idea : there will be no "Halfssaga" album.

At least, nothing is planned in this way anymore. I have hundreds of new and fresh ideas for the future of Askrinn, so I will not develop an album based on the same Old Norse saga as Hjorleifsljod.

Looking forward to share with you sounds from Hjørleifs Ljóð as soon as possible (especially to the numerous newsletter subscribers - thanks to you!),


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