Chapter 2 - The Fall of King Ögvald (14th century text)

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Here is the second part of my translation of the medieval text preceding the upcoming black metal album I am working on.

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Chapter 2: The Fall of King Ogvald

Ögvald, king of Rogaland, lived in Rogi in Jösur’s Heath, which are between Rogaland and Telemark. Men call it now Viði. He went hunting. He was accompanied by his court, and there the queen gave birth to a boy, who was named Jösurr. Gunnvaldr, Jarl of Storð, fostered him. A Viking named Hæklingr came with his army to fight King Ögvald. In this battle fell King Ögvald, and he was buried there in Avaldnes.

Finn the Wealthy of Akranes, a settler, stopped at Avaldnes as he was going to Iceland and he asked since how long King Ögvald had fallen. He heard these verses of greetings in the burial mound:

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As King Alrek could not stand the mutual disapproval of his wives, he said that the one who would have made the best ale would stay with him, when he comes back from his expedition. They competed for brewing. Signy invoked Freyja, but Geirhild, Hött. He spat on the yeast and said he would come for what was between the cask and her. And it turned out to be a good ale. Then sang Alrek :

It was long before,
That they held their course
More than innumerable,
Hækling’s men
Sailed in the salty
Sea-trouts’ trail.
Then I am responsible
For guarding this place.

(Translation: Valenten)

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Picture (Iceland): MIstical shore-Vik, Iceland by Massimo Margagnoni

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