Chapter 3 - The Fall of King Alrek and of Koll (14th century text)

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Here is the third part of my translation of the medieval text preceding the upcoming black metal album I am working on.

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Chapter 3: The Fall of King Alrek and of Koll

Jarl Gunnvald and Koll both asked the same woman, and Gunnvald got her. After that came in secret Koll with a large army to Storð, and he set Gunnvald of Rogi’s house afire. Gunnvald came out and got killed.

Jösurr had been king for a while. So he went with a large force to avenge his foster-son. And when Koll saw this voyage, he dashed on his warship and sailed to the North across the Harðsæ to Grafdalsvág. Then came King Alrek to meet Koll with few men, as he did not know that war was likely. They fought against King Jösurr, and fell with most of their troops. Vikar, son of Alrek, did not finish gathering his forces in time so King Jösurr was already gone. On this journey, Jösurr took possession of the whole kingdom that had been Koll’s.

(Translation: Valenten)

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Picture (Iceland): Vik, Iceland by Massimo Margagnoni

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