Chapter 4 - Vikar avenges his Father (14th century text)

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Here is the short and last part of my translation of the medieval text preceding the upcoming black metal album I am working on. You will decover the following chapters with the new Askrinn CD. This Old Norse text is getting more and more interesting in the parts covered by the album, including a lot of mythological/fantastic spirits and lores…

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Chapter 4: Vikar avenges his Father

Many winters later, King Vikar came with many warriors against Jösur, as he was in the kingdom that Koll used to own, and they fought, and then fell Jösur with all the peasants of that country. Therefore is it called Kvennaherað (the Women’s country), as only widows lived there afterwards. Since then, Vikar acquired the whole kingdom that had been Koll’s. For this Hjörr Jösursson went into battle against Vikar, and they spent a long time fighting, alternately better one than the other, and they eventually reconciled. The son of Vikar was named Vatnar, and he is buried in Vatnarshaugi ; his sons, Snjall and Hjall, lie in Bræðrahaugi.

(Translation: Valenten)

Picture (Iceland): Mountains of Jokulsarlon by Massimo Margagnoni

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