Mixing has started!

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Mixing the new album

Mixing has started for Hjorleifsljod.

As I finished recording all the instruments and screams in June, I am now working on mixing the new album. Basically it means adjusting the level and position of each recorded sound in order to optimize the perception of each sound. For instance, making sure that two instruments with similar frequency response do not become undistinguishable one from the other.

It will take some time.

I have been hearing those tracks so many times that I need to go slowly and make sure I am not missing anything. As Askrinn is (so far) a one-man band, I sometimes need to step back and make sure I am going in the right direction.

Afterwards will come the so-called mastering process, a step aimed at global sound enhancement to maximize the quality of the audial experience.

Furthermore, I will simultaneously work on a few updates for the website. In particular, I would like to start blogging about various topics including the current black metal scene, so I will widen a bit the goal of this very page in order to start sharing more personal feelings with you.

Info about this should come in the following weeks - but I am definitely eager to start working on this !

Stay tuned,


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