Naturmacht Productions to distribute the new Askrinn album

11/OCT/2014 - News

Being myself a CD Collector and a huge fan of the underground metal scene, I have a lot of respect for labels who release great music and focus on quality over quantity.

So I was pleasantly surprised when, about three weeks ago, I received a message from Robert, the owner of Naturmacht Productions, with a proposal to distribute my CDs of the new Askrinn album to be released in mid-November.

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New Askrinn album release date revealed, preorders opened! (video trailer)

01/OCT/2014 - News

The year 2014 has been an incredibly busy one for Askrinn, focused on the preparation of the new album, Hjørleifsljóð. Finally, after an intensive recording and mixing period, time has come for me to share with you the release date chosen for this disc.

Moreover, along with this major news for Askrinn, I have decided to open the preorders for the CD version, allowing you to reserve one of the limited first edition copies.

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60 of them arrived last week!

11/SEP/2014 - News

The pressing factory was very efficient and professional, and I ended up receiving the CDs of the new album barely one week after I had submitted them the artwork and audio tracks. And it is definitely looking great!

So here are some details about what is going to happen now - and how long you should still wait before listening to the Askrinn pagan black metal sounds.

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Hjørleifsljóð artwork revealed, album ready to be pressed

30/AUG/2014 - News

Things are getting faster. The album design is finalized, the final mix is done. In other words, many things are happening right now, in order to get the CD pressed.

So I have decided to share with you some fresh information. In particular, I have decided to reveal the full artwork of the physical edition of this new opus. But also a few other important news.

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What is Pagan Black Metal?

23/AUG/2014 - Black Metal Scene

Metal is famous for including a large amount of subgenres. But do you know exactly what the term "pagan black metal" refers to?

It may often appear challenging to highlight the characteristics of a specific music trend. New ones are appearing every few months, fueled by the creativity of artists from all over the world. Yet this heathen variant of black metal is already quite old and tends to refer to something rather precise and obviously acknowledged.

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