It took me 20 months. Now it is finished.

19/AUG/2014 - News

Big news for today. I've been rather silent during the past month, except maybe on Twitter. Even worse, I did not send the August newsletter.

But that was on purpose.

I was completely focused on mixing and mastering (if you're not familiar with those terms, read : optimizing the sound of the recording) the new album, Hjørleifsljóð. I did not want to waste your time with half-interesting news about something not yet finished.

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Mixing has started!

14/JUL/2014 - News - 1 comment

Mixing has started for Hjorleifsljod.

As I finished recording all the instruments and screams in June, I am now working on mixing the new album. Basically it means adjusting the level and position of each recorded sound in order to optimize the perception of each sound.

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Did you get your free metal download ?

20/JUN/2014 - News

Have you noticed this ?

A few days ago, I carried out some updates on the Askrinn website in order to ease a bit your navigation.

As you may know, the debut single, Fé Vældr Frænda Róge, had been already available through bandcamp since its release. However, I decided to provide it to you directly through my website.

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